Microsoft develops iBook Clamshell

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Microsoft develops iBook Clamshell

Well, Microsoft has done it again. It has created an impressive amount of confusion and excitement for it’s much anticipated Microsoft branded tablet dubbed “Surface.”  Microsoft fans are very “insert your own word here” about the new product.  May I suggest the words:  hopeful, fearful, tentative, dismissive, ecstatic, cocky, or relieved.  Will this be the long awaited iPad killer or are we looking at the Zune-2.0?

As an iPad owner, I must admit that the new Surface does fill the gaps I’ve often complained about, including full size USB support, and a real yet convenient stock keyboard.

With 2 models available, there should be an option for everyone from the 5Y/O to the CEO.

The real question is how much? Can it compete with the onslaught of Windows based laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks put on the market by Microsoft’s partners (now competitors?)

I am a little suspicious of the absence of any official price point.  Is Microsoft waiting to find out how much excitement is generated before setting retail cost? On comment sections of articles, I see people willing to pay a $1000 to the meager, “I’d buy one for $300 if they throw in an Xbox.” One thing you have to give Apple, when they set a price, they know people will buy it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for MS and I wish them much success with this new venture.  When this thing comes out, I may buy one… even pay $500 if they throw in an iPod.

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